tana keleova vasilkova name


320 pages
Released: 2009/03


"I’d like my book to lodge, at least a little bit, into readers’ consciousness… to make them correct all their flaws and failings in family relations while it’s not too late – love’s worth trying that,” said Táňa Keleová-Vasilková.

Klára has to place her daughter in a nursery school to get back to work, although she had hoped to stay at home with her children Dušanko and Nikolka for as long as possible. But her husband’s income in his new job isn’t enough for a family of four and so Klára needs to contribute to the family budget. Her job is a heap of troubles from the start. First, there’s the headmaster who keeps forgetting about the wages and acts as if it was natural. The new headmistress replacing him is an ageing embittered woman who, in her drinking sprees, bosses all the employees around, putting them into unbelievable situations. Klára works hard, getting home in late hours and totally exhausted. Her husband Milan, rather than giving her a hand in the household, blames her for not being able to keep up with all the chores she did while on the maternity leave. The tension in the family is growing.

Klára is wretched… she suffers at work and, in a way, also at home – there’s permanent pressure and no joy. And she still has no idea that all this is just a prelude to real pain and sorrow.

Fate inflicts much greater suffering on her… and her heart suddenly plunges into darkness.